Our Services: \?s?r-v?s\: Our helpful acts of furnishing someone with something needed.

“Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough; Give the world the best you have anyway. You see, in the final analysis, it is between you and God; it was never between you and them anyway.” Mother Theresa

Since our inception in 2001, our goal has been simple; support and empower the most vulnerable children. Reach those all but forgotten. Target only the rural child. Following on this, we have concentrated our services in rural Kenya where, owing to logistics, very few NGO and governmental interventions exist. We have Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC) in Makueni District who are thriving thanks to our collaboration and support of their wonderful guardians. We recently penetrated Mwingi North District where we have OVC in Kyuso, Nguni, Nuu and Tseikuru divisions. The majority of our OVC are from Mwingi South District, where, in combination with the other areas, we are supporting 1,088 children under our feeding program and 404 comprehensively. Following below is a summary of our current achievements:

Program Component


Support Package

Education, Technical training and Resource Centre
  • · 302 OVCs in primary schools
  • · 92 OVCs in Secondary school
  • · 5 OVC in polytechnic
  • · 5 OVC at home (under-age)
  • · 1 children’s Resource Centre operational
  • · School uniforms, shoes, school supplies
  • · Psychosocial support
  • · Home & school visits
  • · School fees for secondary schools going OVCs
  • · Technical skills
  • · Leisure reading for orphans
  • · 404 OVCs (direct support) including 21 HIV positive children
  • · 684 Care givers and other family members (indirect support)
  • · Monthly food rations
  • · Special food rations for HIV+
  • · Trainings
  • · OVC nutritional status monitoring
  • · 404 OVCs
  • · 35 HIV+ OVCs
  • · Health monitoring and treatment
  • · Specialized medical support
  • · Psycho social support
  • · Care givers training
Income Generating Activities (IGAs)
  • · 9 groups of care givers
  • · Organizational development support i.e. trainings, mentoring, organizing, management, motivation etc
  • · IGPs – goat keeping, poultry, weaving kiondos, merry go rounds (table bagging)
  • · Technical trainings
  • · Registration with social services
House Improvement Projects
  • · 4 new homes for 4 families
  • · Habitable homes built
RainDrops For Life Project
  • · Installation of 18 water tanks
  • · Part of the HIV+ family support
  • · Software training
Psycho-social Support
  • · 404 OVCs
  • · 684 caregivers and families
  • · Home based care (HBC)
  • · Counseling and referrals
  • · Home visits

The above is something we know, but it is not yet enough. At all. Located approximately 165 kilometers northeast from Kenya’s capital, Nairobi, Mwingi South District is home to an estimated at 332,000 individuals. The district’s climate is hot and dry for the greater part of the year; its two rainy seasons, i.e. March – May (long rains) and October – December (short rains) are bimodal and very unreliable, generally below 750 mm per annum. The population – largely peasant farmers – depends on maize and other subsistence crops for their livelihood. With failing rains, severe food shortages, malnourishment, livestock and human deaths are never far behind.

And that’s not all. Despite a decline in Kenya’s overall HIV/AIDS prevalence, Mwingi’s population has an HIV/AIDS infection rate of 16 percent. In our base Migwani and its surrounding divisions including Ukasi, Mumoni and Mwingi Central, over 20,000 OVC exist. Children heading households. Children crumbling under the pressure of stigma, poverty and hunger. Children forced during the wet season, to choose planting and tilling small plots to provide for their siblings as opposed to attending school.

For their insurmountable challenges and more, these are the reasons we focus wholly on rural-based children. And this is why we need your help. A loud reminder of the community’s need for support, our Waiting List stands today at over 200 OVC. These are only those who have reached us formally. The fast majority of OVC families sit silently, in prayer that we – with your help – will reach them.

Please join us today by hearing these children’s voices. By answering their prayers. They have suffered too long in silence and from our several programs, there is a variety of means through which you can can help. Do you have room in your heart to sponsor a child on a monthly basis? Do you have services and talents you would like to volunteer towards Twana Twitu? How about book donations (which we also ask shipping on) or educational supplies? From one-time donations to a longer term partnership, your role in Twana Twitu has never been more needed.

Please give to a child. Twana Twitu needs you!