Granny Boosters

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Nelson Mandela and the late Prof. Wangari Maathai are just two of the many heroes that have called Africa home. They are recognizable names with international resound. Important people. Grounded people. And individuals who through sacrifice, have earned their fame.

But in the shadows of Africa’s big names, are other heroes we never hear of. Africa’s “S-heroes” and the grandmothers raising our orphaned children. The ladies who are bathing, feeding, nursing, protecting and molding Africa’s future. The women who, notwithstanding their age or health, give their best to mother children both scared and scarred.

Did you know they do this alone? It is shocking to note that such sacrifice goes largely unnoticed – or underappreciated. Few, if any African governments, have institutionalized programs focused on supporting such care for while some, like Kenya’s Government now have orphan stipends, their amounts hardly address or cater to the level of support, the care demands.

Some of our elderly custodians posing with Twana Twitu Founder (Mwende Edozie), Volunteer (Muthinzi Mwinzi) and medical Supervisor (Sister Consolata).

PLEASE show your appreciation of these sacrifices by boosting our grandmothers. Show them that while they care for others, we can care for them!

Sponsor a granny lunch. Send a granny a care-pack. It is a small but special gesture that would go a long way into invigorating and encouraging these courageous women.

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