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As most of us can remember from our childhood, there are few occasions as memorable or exciting as our birthdays. Some of us campaigned for months to earn special gifts. Others were lucky enough to have big, themed parties attended by most of our friends. We counted down to their days, blew out our candles and then unwrapped beautiful gifts.

What if someone were to take those moments away? Or rob us of any such love?

When orphaned children have birthdays, the occasions are usually bitter-sweet. Like each of us, they celebrate growth and a new year when they can set goals and pursue great dreams. But unlike us, they are typically alone save for relatives who usually forget the day or, owing to poverty, can’t afford to notice it.

Twana Twitu takes birthdays seriously. We celebrate our children’s lives if only in a small way such as giving them a card. A small gift. A shared cake. And it has been doing wonders for our children! With many of them celebrating birthdays for the first time in their lives, these moments are of utmost importance. They represent a special time when they are recognized and singled out for being SPECIAL. Because they ARE special.

Our Birthday Club is formed on this simple premise. It provides for cards or small tokens sent to children individually on their birthdays. Cards, which even from strangers, make them feel treasured, wanted and important. Small reminders that someone, somewhere, cares.

Why not celebrate your birthday by making someone else – like you, feel special? Please join our Birthday Club and send a child a loving card. We list their birthday below in the hope that you will respond.

Child Name
Care of Twana Twitu
Mwinzi Kaluva Building
P.O. Box 127-90402
Mwingi, Kenya

Please note that in order to protect our children, we must request that you send envelopes unsealed.

For a copy of our Birthday list and more information on our Birthday Club, please email us