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When we first became involved in the lives of these children, we had little practical evidence of just how much we could accomplish. The results have been both impressive and uplifting. Focusing on one child at a time, we have learned that it is not so much in the amount we give, rather, in its consistency, that we see results. The lives of children, who receive regular support, are completely transformed! Your involvement with Twana Twitu, whether through financial assistance and/or personal correspondence with our children, provides encouragement, hope and opportunities in ways you probably can’t imagine.

With your support, and the support of other caring sponsors, we work with a child’s family and other members of the community to develop the entire community’s ability to take care of itself. The children will benefit from much-needed programs that enable them to attend and thrive at school. As part of our mission to the AIDS crisis, we will also provide basic medical care, hygiene education as well as a HIV/AIDS prevention and management support system. Twana Twitu is also committed to fostering micro-enterprising programs that will benefit the families on a long-term basis; not only will your donations alleviate some of the financial burdens they bear, they will also allow us to provide opportunities through which these families can better support themselves in the future.

When you become a sponsor it will transform both your life and that of the child you sponsor. Sponsorship is a special opportunity to develop and cherish a relationship with a child. For a mere $30 a month, you can provide education, good nutrition, medical care and emotional support to a child…think about it…all that for just a dollar a day!

Sponsors can opt to receive specific information about their sponsored child on a quarterly basis. Alternatively, they may choose to correspond directly with their sponsored child to further enrich the relationship they have formed. As a way of thanking its supporters, Twana Twitu will be publishing a quarterly newsletter, which will provide general updates on the organizations’ activities and progress.

Still have questions about sponsorship?  Please read our Q&A section below:


What is it all about?


Child sponsorship is one of the greatest gifts a person can give a vulnerable and marginalized child.  Sponsorship opens up a child’s and gives them access to things and love they would otherwise not have.  It is the informal adoption of a child whereby the sponsor donates to a specific child’s upkeep and, where desired, establishes a relationship with them.

How does it differ from general support?

When you give to Twana Twitu, you are automatically pooled into a group of others supporting similarly.  This support is directed towards all orphans – it provides them food, pays their school fees and finances their medical needs, among others.  It is spread and shared as available to all children equally.

Child sponsorship on the other hand, allows Twana Twitu to address a child’s specific needs e.g the child might need holiday tutoring or special medical care on a more intimate level.  Without offering them care that would harmfully distinguish them from their fellow Twana Twitu friends, it allows for a child to receive more directive attention.

It also does more – it allows a person to enter into a child’s life to remind them that they are loved.  Should you decide to sponsor one of our orphans, you would have an opportunity to communicate with them, mould them positively and motivate them to succeed.  It converts you into family – something they need and deserve.  And sponsorship is long lasting.

What impact does sponsorship have on a child?

Imagine what your life would be if you were orphaned and hardly had anyone – save for kind relatives, to remember your birthday.  Or if you did not have anyone with whom you could really, really confide in about life, your fears and aspirations.

Sponsorship opens up the gate to such a relationship and, therein, provides the warmth and sense of security a child longs for.  It makes them feel wanted.

Does sponsorship affect the sponsor as well?

There are fewer pleasures in life greater than the joy associated with giving.  By creating a relationship in which the sponsor is appreciated and relied upon, child sponsorship yields great satisfaction.  It makes the sponsor feel needed.  It makes them feel blessed and it allows them to give and have their gifts not just received and also embraced.  Like the supported child, sponsorship makes them too, feel touched by love.

So how does one sponsor?

To protect both parties, we require sponsors to do a few things.  First, we ask that they read, understand and agree to our Sponsorship Notes and Guidelines so that, when they sign up, they do so without hesitation and with commitment.

Secondly, we ask that they discuss with us, their level of intended support.  Do you want to support one or two children or a family?  Are issues such as age and gender important to you and if so, what are you seeking?  Once we clarify such matters, Twana Twitu provides sponsors with a profile of the child(ren) they will potentially sponsor.

The third step involves the actual setting up of the sponsorship. Once a child is selected, Twana Twitu sets in place the financial mechanisms to enable the support.  Child sponsors may either:

a.    Pay monthly via check (either personal or bank draft)
b.    Authorize Twana Twitu to make specific credit card deductions on a monthly basis
c.    Pay upfront for blocks of sponsorship time e.g six month, one year etc

Finally, Twana Twitu contacts the child to inform them of the upcoming support and prepare them for possible correspondence.

Who should I contact to set up a sponsorship?

You may contact us, at any time, to express an interest or ask any procedural questions.  There are several children awaiting this gift.  Please contact us today. To Sponsor a Child, kindly select your monthly contribution and choose a payment method below:

MONTHLY SPONSORSHIP AMOUNT: $30 USD (1 child); $60 USD (2 children) $100 USD (Family)
If using MasterCard, VISA, Discover credit or debit cards, simply click on the Sponsorship form. Twana Twitu uses Verisign for all credit and debit card transactions, so your personal information is secure.

If you prefer, you can add Twana Twitu to your account Payee list through your Bank. To add Twana Twitu as a payee, please contact for routing information.

You can also mail your check to:

In the United States: In Kenya:
Twana Twitu Twana Twitu
350 Fifth Avenue, 59th floor Mwinzi Kaluva Building
New York, NY 10118 P.O. Box 127-90402
Tel: 212-537-5927 Migwani, Kenya
Fax: 914-470-1320 Tel: 0700-100-620

We can only guarantee receipt of your donations if you use one of the mentioned methods. PLEASE DO NOT MAIL CASH.