Fostering Compassion

Fostering Loving and Compassionate Environment

Our children’s needs are simple. They request little and demand nothing. For them, it is sufficient that there are people who care about them enough to help. And, we are grateful for that. Yet, each of us has been a child and experienced the pain of being denied a toy or piece of candy. The Twana Twitu team believes deeply in restoring our children’s sense of pride and in nurturing their spirits as well as their bodies.

First, as we have previously mentioned, we play a role in keeping them happy in their natural environments where they live with and amongst loving members of their extended families and communities and where they have a sense of belonging.

Secondly, we put tremendous effort into making family occasions just that. Many Kenyan fathers reside in the urban areas where they work to provide for their families. Though they make an effort to see their loved ones as frequently as possible, it is often difficult. Christmas time, for instance, usually guarantees such reunions. Bus stations fill up with excitement as fathers prepare to return to their rural homes for a few days with their children and wives. And while the occasion is not as commercialized as it is in the Western world, it still focuses on gift giving to children. Well, ask yourself…who cares for AIDS orphans? Twana Twitu does! This past Christmas, our children celebrated Christmas at home of Mary and Maluki Mwinzi, our founders’ parents, where they ate, played and received gifts sponsored by Twana Twitu. In such a home environment, our children were able to comfortably enjoy the holiday and feel loved. Community members involved themselves by volunteered services such as cooking and serving our children.

Lastly, we believe in rewarding our children for their success. In order to continue receiving aid, Twana Twitu’s children are expected to maintain grade averages of no less than a “C.” We have just instituted a system that rewards students who excel, with gifts. Our incentives for this year include shopping vouchers and trip to the zoo, Giraffe Park and amusement parks in Nairobi.