Villages of Hope (Habitat)

Building Villages of Hope – Our Habitat Program

Kenya is a beautiful country in several ways. From its world famous wildlife to its breathtaking landscape and its fauna and flora, Kenya boasts a natural beauty that lures millions of tourists annually. However when it comes to housing, the country, owing to poverty, looks less than glamourous.  Though it has been the objective of the Government of Kenya to provide each family decent housing which ensures health, privacy and security, the same has not been realized.  The minimum requirement for a decent home is a two (2) habitable roomed dwelling, with a floor area of 38.5m2 constructed of permanent materials with a separate kitchen and sanitary facilities for the occupation of five units.  In most rural areas, such a dwelling is a luxury.  In Mwingi where drought and famine are common and where high levels of unemployment and poverty exist, adequate housing is of less priority.

With mud floors, a leaking roof and dangerously cracked walls, Ngonza’s home was typical for the region.  At least she, thought some, had a brick dwelling.  But appearances are deceptive.  In that small erected, lived several struggling children – children orphaned by HIV/AIDS.  Competing for space and air was a family with dignity and of course, the same desire for proper settlement.

At Twana Twitu our goal is to enable families to live in decent houses which, at low cost, avail safe, sanitary and secure living environments.  We strive to protect our families from the hazards of poor homes such as the one which almost buried our orphans, Muthoka and Ndulu Ndunge alive, when it collapsed with them in it.

Would you like to sponsor a needy family’s home?  It is more affordable than you think.

As part of their giving back and appreciating donor kindness, the Twana Twitu family alongside the extended community, rally around each housing project providing labour for brick burning as well as sand and water collection.  To date, we have completed the construction of four (4) homes and 11 outdoor latrines with the assistance of the East African Portland Cement Company and our foreign friends William DelCamp, Ann Hershkowitz and a group of students from the Marist School in Atlanta, GA. Compassion can and does fuel development!

At approximately Kshs. 167,500 (USD $2500.00), you can provide a destitute family a sense of hope and dignity.  After you read Mbathe’s story below and consider the value of this precious gift, please email us at for more information.


Heavy winds would blow through the open holes of the mud walls and during the rainy season water would penetrate through the poorly thatched house. In such hostile conditions, Mbathe’s family members often suffered from respiratory ailments and parasitic infections. Perhaps worse, poverty was slowly tearing the family apart. Looking at the floor, Mbathe says, “It was a very trying time for us.”

Witnessing such anguish would be overwhelming for any one. Yet Mbathe went to work every day in the “shamba”(garden) knowing that despite toiling for 10 to 12 hours a day, six days a week, she couldn’t change the lives of those dearest to her. Sadly, a life like Mbathe’s is not uncommon for families in Mwingi though now, with the assistance from Twana Twitu, she can now forget the past and gaze into the future hopefully.

Mbathe speaks softly and occasionally moves her soil-stained hands to emphasize a word here and there. She is happier and more at peace now that her family doesn’t suffer the way they once had. Her new 3-roomed house gives her joy and a reason to live.

”Asi! Ngai amuathime vyu,” (God Bless you abundantly) she exclaimed at her home’s “opening.” Twana Twitu – with well-wisher support, is helping build both homes and spirits.  In the process we are literally building a village of hope one house at a time.

The new Musembi Home