Advocacy on the Promotion of Human and Legal Rights

There is little doubt that AIDS orphans endure many of the hardships they face, because of cultural and legal biases towards women and children. Because children’s rights are intrinsically linked to that of their mothers, and women’s rights are greatly lacking in Kenya, many children and orphans, in particular, face hardships cruel to any child. Such include child labor and child prostitution, just to mention a few.

We believe that in order for us to properly serve our children, we must not only recognize and educate others on the impact of Kenya’s laws on children, but also become advocates for change. In building constituencies for people’s rights-based strategies, we are liaising with human rights-based organizations such as the Kenya Human Rights Commission and the Community Legal Education and Advisory Trust (CLEAT), among others. With their assistance, we hope to bring about awareness and pressure for a favourable change in laws and for care towards the Orphaned and Vulnerable Child (OVC).