Poverty Reduction

Poverty Reduction through Micro-enterprising

Twana Twitu views the ability to provide services such as ours as only half the battle as it solves the immediate problems facing our children, but still leaves them wanting for long-term solutions. It has been our experience that while impoverished, our families do not find pleasure in receiving handouts rather, they seek and are willing to engage in initiatives focused on self-reliability and sustenance.  With such cooperation, we have been determined not only to support them to succeed in society but also to empower them to become participants in and contributors towards national development. Our commitment to poverty alleviation is first evidenced by our focus on education which, we believe, opens doors to economic opportunities otherwise closed.

Twana Twitu promotes all elements and means of sustainable development and self-enablement with a view of increasing the amount of disposable income per household. In this regard, we support micro enterprising projects including basket weaving, brick building and animal rearing.  We have supported and encouraged our caregivers and guardians to form income-generating groups and initiate their own projects.  We are proud to say Twana Twitu currently has nine (9) such groups formed in combination with community members to de-stigmatize the beneficiaries.  Each group comprises 25 members.  They are all registered with the Ministry of Culture and Social Services as Self-Help Groups and can therefore access government offered revolving funds and grants.

Following is a list of our groups and the activities undertaken:

Name of Group

Project activities undertaken
Umiisyo wa Migwani
  • Basket making
  • Kitchen gardening – sukuma wiki (kale)
  • Merry-go-round
  • Poultry keeping
Muteethya Group
  • Merry-go-round
  • Rope making
  • Goat keeping
  • Revolving funds (soft loans to members payable with interest)
Mwangaza Group
  • Kitchen gardening –planting and selling onions
  • Selling firewood
  • Basket weaving / rope making
  • Merry-go-rounds
Kithingiisyo Group
  • Poultry keeping
  • Kitchen gardening – tree planting, sukuma wiki, tree nursery, fruits
Umusyo Self Help Group
  • Revolving fund
  • Merry go round
  • Kitchen gardening- sukuma wiki / onions
  • Rope making
  • Goat keeping
  • Community collaboration on digging dam for irrigation
Katuva Group
  • Merry go round
  • Making ropes
  • Goat keeping
  • Kitchen gardening
  • Table bagging – loan out Ksh.100 at 20% interest for two weeks
Itethye Uutethwa Group
  • Buying cereals – maize and beans for their business
  • Making terraces in our gardens – sukuma wiki
  • Construction of tanks
  • Goat keeping
Wendo wa Syana – Thokoa
  • Rearing of poultry
  • Making of sisal ropes
  • Assisting orphaned children with education
  • Revolving funds
Ekaitusuvie Tukkeeka Ata
  • Making of ropes
  • Buy ropes and selling in the market

We indeed have much to be proud of given the impact these programs are having on our communities.  Yet they could benefit significantly from greater support and strengthening.  Can you help us develop our capacities through technical or monetary support?  If like our friends at 85Broads you can assist us better market our products like baskets and/or strengthen our programs, then we need you. Our baskets for instance, are more than just a common, beautiful pass time among  the Akamba people.  It produces crafts not only perfect for utilitarian purposes but also, with their natural sisal fabric and dyes, offers a fashionable eco-friendly accessory.

To learn more about these activities and to liaise with us in our quest to combat poverty through micro-enterprising, please contact us at mwende.edozie@twanatwitucares.org .