Who We Empower

Since we began implenting our Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC) program in 2001, we have been serving children from Kenya’s Makueni and Mwingi South and North districts where, like most other rural areas, high HIV/AIDS prevalence rates as well as large orphan populations exist. These children, almost all but forgotten. It is our mandate to remember and empower them so that, like their peers, they can happy and healthy childhood eventually becoming upright and successful members of community.

As of December 2010, Twana Twitu provides 559 OVCs comprehensive support with a total of 1,088 individuals across 318 households benefiting from our Program. 

How Did We Settle in Dominantly on Mwingi?
Twana Twitu’s founder, Mwende Edozie calls Migwani home. Though raised in the old Kitui District, it was Migwani that Mwende called home. As we narrate elsewhere (see How We Started), she founded Twana Twitu after witnessing the impact of HIV/AIDS on her community.  Using community networks and support, Twana Twitu has extended its reach to several divisions in Kitui County.

Our expansion goals remain rural-based.  We are currently seeking support to enable a project site in North Eastern Province’s, Mandera District.

Who Are These Children?
The children of Mwingi belong to the Akamba people of Kenya who are small scale farmers in maize, beans, pigeon peas, cowpeas, millet, and green grams.  Off-farm employment however, is also a main source of income for many households in this area. The Kamba create and sell consumer goods such as sisal products, jewelry and wooden carvings. The general community has low income, undeveloped local resources, high levels of unemployment and a high school drop out rate, because of low income, pregnancies, and HIV-related reasons.

The children we serve have long suffered the effects of HIV/AIDS. They have witnessed their parents die and felt first-hand, the pain of such loss as well as the anguish of poverty. Yet, they have hopes, fears and dreams. Like most children their age, they also have the determination and courage to make their dreams come true. Most of these children depend on elderly grandparents for love and care but otherwise lack the support they so desperately need to prosper.

If you like what we are doing, then we ask that you endorse our efforts by making a donation to Twana Twitu. If however, you wish to become more involved with Twana Twitu and want to establish a longer lasting and more meaningful relationship with our cause, then the answer lies in child sponsorship. Go to Become a Sponsor page to find out how to begin this fulfilling journey of giving.