Partners & Friends

Since February 1, 2006, Twana Twitu has partnerned with the Academy of Educational Development in its delivery of services to OVCs through a USAID Capable Partners Program grant. Under the grant, Twana Twitu has grown significantly most recently through its latest program upscaling.

CAP improves the organizational capacity and sustainability of local NGOs and networks around the world through global training programs in advocacy, monitoring and evaluation, and public/private partnership building; small grant programs; the NGOConnect Web portal; and Associate Awards to meet specific USAID and Mission objectives. To learn more, visit www.NGOConnect.NET

Founded in 1961, AED is an independent, nonprofit organization committed to solving critical social problems in the U.S. and throughout the world through organizational development, education, social marketing, research, training, policy analysis and innovative program design and management. Major areas of focus include health, education, youth
development, the environment, and civil society and governance. To learn more, visit

Christopher Cross. Since December 2005, the Christopher Cross family has been involved with Twana Twitu and its orphan families. In lieu of celebrating Christmas in the comfort of Los Angeles, the Cross family spent Christmas 2006 and New Years with us in what turned out to be a rainy, muddy Christmas. Accompanied by their friends, the Baer family, who have also been dear friends to us, the group donated mattresses, bedding, stuffed backpacks and gift items for our grandmothers. We are so grateful for the love we continue to receive from these friends.

Legal Counsel – Madu, Edozie & Madu is a full service, client-oriented law firm actively engaged in a dynamic and complex practice. The firm, established in 1993, offers personalized services delivered by attorneys highly experienced in the areas of Business Law, Business Litigation, Insurance Litigation and Real Estate.

Madu, Edozie & Madu act as legal counsel for Twana Twitu on a pro bono basis. For more information on the firm, please visit their website at

In February 2006, Twana Twitu partnered with Volunteer Service Overseas, the 48 year-old agency voted top international development charity in the International Aid and Development category at the Charity Awards 2004 for its work in promoting innovative approaches to globalising volunteering. This collaboration with VSO’s Kenyan based partner, Jitolee, will focus on improved volunteer recruitment, productivity, commitment, retention, performance and loyalty. The collaboration will also enhance the impact of monetary contributions made by sponsors and corporations.

Through the Academy of Educational Development which has supported Twana Twitu since 2006, we have been beneficiaries of USAID funds.  With this support we have strengthened our capacity and scope of service.  The grant currently allows us to support – comprehensively and in part, a total of 1,088 Orphaned and Vulnerable Children.

We are pleased to announe our partnership with


Book-Cycle is a not-for-profit social enterprise based in Exeter, England. They collect unwanted books and trees from Devon and Somerset and house them in Britain’s only “free bookshop.” After minimal running costs, half their proceeds send relevant literature to developing countries, while the other half goes to planting trees around Britain.

Book-Cycle also offers a range of other free services including internet space, a “Bring Your Own Art” exhibition and independent film screenings.
Book-cycle is run entirely by volunteers and seeks to promote a fairer, more enlightened vision of the future.

Twana Twitu recently partnered with The Kenya Education Fund, a new concept development agency based on the philosophy that a complete secondary education is the cornerstone of personal, social and economic development.

The Kenya Education Fund is a registered 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization dedicated to helping underprivileged Kenyans improve their lives by giving them the opportunity to finish high school and acquire the skills they need to be healthy and successful members of our global community.
KEF is fully operational in Kenya where all program implementation takes place.  Please visit KEF’s website at to learn more about this wonderful foundation and support its program.