Our Staff

Twana Twitu has a strong team of management, technical and operational staff implementing its programs.  Our staff is dedicated to the service of vulnerable children and each member has in their own capacity, developed strong relationships with our various communities.  Our broader team comprises stakeholders including school teachers, the Muthale Catholic Mission Hospital, the Christian Children’s Fund Migwani as well as various government and NGO collaborators.

To ensure the proper implementation of our program and its Monitoring and Evaluation, 90 percent of full-time staff are located in the field.   Our current staff members are:

Member Function Contact
Mwende Mwinzi-Edozie Executive Director mwende@twanatwitucares.org
Patrick Wamukulu Program Manager wamukulu@twanatwitucares.org
TBD Program Officer programs@twanatwitucares.org
Faith Mugambi Social Worker faith@twanatwitucares.org
John Mulingi Program Manager john@twanatwitucares.org
Naomi Mutune Nzinzi Finance/Human Resources mutune@twanatwitucares.org
Fransiscah Mumbe Field Assistant fransiscah@twanatwitucares.org