Core Volunteer Team

Mwende Edozie is originally from Migwani Location, Mwingi District in Kenya. She has resided in the United States for over the past 2 decades where, though far from home, she has maintained contact with Kenya. After witnessing the HIV/AIDS impact on Kenya, Mwende was moved to begin Twana Twitu. The rest is history. What began as a project would end up a calling.

In May 2005, Mwende resigned from her corporate job as Assistant Vice President at a Wall Street Investment Bank to serve Twana Twitu more effectively. She has served on the International Council for Orphans International Worldwide. Mwende was also a member of the Kenya National Economic and Social Council (NESC), which, under His Excellency President Mwai Kibaki, provided Kenya the Vision 2030.  Mwende provides Twana Twitu leadership and direction.  She lives with her family in Upstate New York. Her interest in this progam is heartfelt and her commitment unparalleled. Those wishing to contact Mwende can reach her at

Mwende Mueke hails from Kitui, Kenya. She was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, where she did most of her schooling. She has since pursued a professional career in the non-governmental and multilateral sector, both in Kenya and abroad. She’s also served as a volunteer in a number of volunteer organisations in Kenya, such as the New Life Children’s home, and the Environment Liaison Centre International. In 1999, Mwende moved to the US to undertake a graduate degree in Public Administration. She’s currently working with the UN Development Programme. Mwende serves Twana Twitu in the capacity of Vice Chairperson (USA) & Development Director, a role in which she liaises with all members to ensure the quality execution and completion of the organizations’ projects. Additionally, Mwende also uses her experience and extensive associations to benefit and promote Twana Twitu. She may be contacted at

Mary Ann Mwangi was born in Nyeri, Kenya. She worked in various capacities in the private and public sectors in Kenya before moving to the United States nine years ago. In New York, she joined the International Health Professional Network volunteering to aid the provision of health services in medically under-served areas.

In 1997, she began her career with the United Nations Development Programme where today she manages the finances and operations of the National Human Development Report Unit which supports over 450 Country Reports across the world. While working fulltime, with a supportive husband Sammy Ngera and two children Andrew and Alvin, she completed her degrees in Business Administration and Business Management, earned a certificate in International Development from Oxford University, and is pursuing a two-year program of studies in the UNDP where she is furthering her skills to provide state-of-the-art advisory services to developing countries. She is the founder and director of Uplands Meat Products, Inc., and on the board of and Events Coordinator for the Kenyan-American Professional Association (KAPA). Mary Ann joined Twana Twitu in 2005, committing her time to achieve the Organization’s goals. She joins Twana Twitu as the Public Relations Director. You can reach Mary Ann at

Sharon Louis-Charles was born in Nairobi, Kenya where she lived until the age of 13, before relocating with her family to Toronto, Canada. She completed her high school education in Toronto and attended York University to pursue her undergraduate degree. In 1994, following a career opportunity, Sharon moved to New York City, where she coincidentally met a number of Kenyans and discovered many friends and acquaintances. Sharon’s most recent role was in the position of the Assistant Vice President of Sales at an eLearning company where she managed a team of 15 people and oversaw all areas relating to revenue generation, sales administration and customer service.  Sharon has now started her own company and is providing services to the same eLearning company where she worked in NY.

Sharon’s involvement with Twana Twitu is an extension of her commitment and interest in non-for-profit and community organizations. Previously, she served in several capacities at the Goan Overseas Association in Toronto, Canada, for which she received the Ontario Volunteer Award for her 8+ years of service. As Twana Twitu’s Special Events Director, Sharon’s will manage all aspects of Special Events. Sharon and her husband Rony have recently relocated to Toronto. Those interested in contacting Sharon may do so at

Wanditi Muthoni Mwangi was born and raised in Kenya. After high school she relocated to the US to pursue higher education. She has extensive experience in the Telecommunications industry, having worked at Verizon Communications and now, at Global Crossing. She lives in Teaneck, New Jersey. Muthoni’s interest in humanitarian efforts is deep rooted and was probably inherited from her parents. Her father dedicated his life to helping others. As her way of giving back to society, Muthoni has been involved in charitable organizations with particular focus on children-oriented programs such as the Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, in which she has been active for a long time. Muthoni’s involvement with Twana Twitu as Fundraising Coordinator, is a natural extension of this passion. She can be reached at