Twana Twitu is a Not-for-Profit, tax-exempt organization whose mission is to provide support, quality care and empowerment to Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC) in Kenya.  We focus wholly on the rural child and foremost on those affected by or infected with HIV/AIDS.

When translated from the Bantu language, Kikamba, “Twana Twitu” means “Our Children.” In our devotion to the marginalized child, we advocate for and defend children’s rights, aggressively pursuing the love, compassion and self-enabling opportunities that all children deserve but which are only availed when the world cares.

Do you care?

The world’s children – the poor children – are twana twitu…our collective responsibility.

Their plight is our cause; their tears, our drive.

Please join us in empowering OVC with educational, nutritional, medical and psychosocial support as well income generating activities.

Welcome to Twana Twitu!

Twana Twitu is non-partisan and not aligned with any political, religious or tribal organization.

How We Started

The story of how we began is one of humility and, if nothing else, a testament to how we can truly become the change we seek.  It all began in 2001 quite simply on what was meant to be a routine visit and vacation to Kenya by our Founder, Mwende Edozie.

In the papers however, was another plan. Something she couldn’t escape.  Page after page were obituaries of one young face after another.  Lives snuffed out too soon.  And so the questions began.  How had Kenya allowed the pandemic to reach such catastrophic heights? Why were all these deaths not raising more fear? Were their interventions in place to prevent further spread?  And finally, did support systems exist to protect the survivors particularly the children? Wanting, the answers would lead to Twana Twitu.

Starting first with eleven OVC, Mwende began supporting these children by providing them what she could on a monthly basis.  Sometimes it was food, others money.  On occasion it was clothing or medical care.  And so the news began to spread.

By 2003, Twana Twitu had grown to supporting 55 orphaned children in and around the Migwani division where Mwende comes from and where her work was first initiated.  Anchoring her by now, was a group of volunteers, mostly Kenyan, equally driven to fight HIV/AIDS by supporting and caring for the vulnerable children left behind.  Together this team resolved that no child should be left behind.  Drawn together in common purpose, they devoted themselves to ending the neglect and misery that are the orphans life.

You can help.

Just as when we started, Twana Twitu remains dedicated and focused wholly on the rural-based child who is otherwise forgotten by society.  Through interventions such as educational, medical, nutritional and psychosocial support, we are uplifting and empowering hundreds of children on a daily basis.  Through our RainDrops for Life program, we bring clean, pure drinking water to homes with infected children.  By improving or building new homes, we enable our OVC’s and their families to live in safe and stable environments.  On World AIDS Day, as they do on other occasions, our Twana Twitu community aggressively advocates on HIV/AIDS spearheading and participating in events on the same; through our microenterprising program – with a focus on our guardian families – we are working vigorously to reduce the poverty rampant in our communities.

You can join us.

By relying on and receiving the support of well-wishers, we continue to grow in our effectiveness against HIV/AIDS and rural poverty.  Please join us in our strife for change. Support an OVC. Be an instrument of service to humanity.