Thanks to our partners and supporters, our beneficiaries have significantly grown in number since our inception. Far from when we first started, today Twana Twitu is responsible for supporting 2,500 orphaned and vulnerable children alongside their communities. Our children are spread across 606 households. Enjoy the lovely smiles our children give below and for more pictures click on the Kids Album.

Children Ages up to 10 years old:
Children Ages 10-15 years old:
Children Ages 15+:

Below are pictures of some of our children with their custodial families.

The Kimanzi Mutia Family
Kimanzi Mutia & Mary Katethya Kimanzi died in 1991 and 1993 respectively. Twana Twitu is taking care of their children including Winnie, shown here.

The Vundi Mwaniki Family
The Vundi Mwaniki Family is taken care of by their grandmother, Nzasu Mwaniki. Here she is with two of her orphaned grandchildren, Nguthi and Mutia Vundi Mwanikiand their family house and kitchen. Mother died July 19th, 2002 ;Father died April 18th, 2002.
The Ndunge Kisavu Family
Ndunge Kisevu was a single mother who died 1999 leaving behind four children. Click here for the full story.

L-R: Ndangili, Nyamasyo, Muthoka and Ndulu Ndunge.

Just in from Nakumatt, having shopped for this family.
They receive blankets and food from Twana Twitu.

The Sammy Kondo Family

Beth and Sammy Kondo left three orphans behind. They are taken care of by their grandmother.

L-R Ngonza (orphan), Geoffrey Heaviside, Grandmother and Ivia (orphan now in Form 4).

A seemingly normal day…enjoying simple pleasures of life; siblings and the family dog.

The Marimbos
Asha Marimbo has felt the pain of AIDS more than anyone we know. She has lost two daughters, a son and a daughter-in-law to the disease and has the custody of eight orphaned grandchildren.

Here, she is pictured with some of them and Geoffrey Heaviside.

The Nguva Family
These children represent the many AIDS orphans we are aware of but currently can’t accommodate. We need your help!

The Nguva Children outside their home.

The Waiting Lists
Each day, Twana Twitu is approached by families needing assistance. We are desperately exploring avenues for funding and appealing for support. Here we are, adding two more children to our waiting list.