Our Childrens’ Custodians are worth hailing. They’re organized and caring.

There are many things that we love about Twana Twitu and of course ranking top is the children that we serve. But right next to them is a precious lot of folk: the custodians that make our work possible in the very first place. They are the grandparents who cook meals for our children, who ensure they do their homework. They are the ones who work through a committee to tell us about our progress and that of the homestead.

We recently met with the Custodians’ Committee where we spent a quiet afternoon exchanging notes on our large family and strategizing on how to improve our services. We’d like to recognize them through this posting and thank them – along with every other relative or person who has taken in an orphaned or vulnerable child – for their selflessness, generosity and endless sacrifices. May God give you continued strength.TT Custodians Mtg 9-15-4

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