Healthy Body, Healthy Life! Our Zumba/Bouje Class

DSC_0109“Take care of your body. It is the only place you have to live,” once said American businessman, Jim Rohn. But how many of us really do? We often time start a routine – or a diet – and within no time find ourselves slipping back into old, bad habits such as over indulgence and laziness. At Twana Twitu, we are trying to create and encourage healthy living not only by institutionalizing it but also by encouraging all our friends to get out there and burn some calories.

There are many ways to keep healthy and not long ago, we hosted a Zumba/Bouje class that had participants both in New York and Nairobi. It was a blast! We used the opportunity to raise a few funds for our program and wish to express our sincere thanks to all who supported this event either through donation or participation. Special gratitude goes out to Kevin Kiguru (DJ Kevo) who donated his music as well as our instructors, Lori Ann, Robi Desir, Toni-Michelle Rubio and Miriam Rubino for their time, generous spirits and dynamic talent.

Last but not definitely not least, we would like to a very big thank you to Marilyn Nunn or MN Essentials for their generous donation of both finances and under garments for our teenage girls and to Jenny Kamau of Absolute Juice for the healthy tasty fruit and vegetables that she provided our participants. Located in the Thigiri Ridge Mall, MN Essentials has a wide and beautiful selection womens’ athletic gear and lingerie while Absolute Juice is based in Yaya Centre. Please visit them! Not only will you be pleased with what you find but you will be supporting – through your purchase – businesses that believe in giving to the needy.

We hope to host a mega event in 2016 during which we shall introduce Bouje to Kenya so watch this space!

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