Say NO to Child Abuse…We Do!

If you are as passionate about children as we are, then you can relate to the anger that we feel when we are notified about a child being unnecessarily punished or beaten. In our case, it is especially painful since these children are already vulnerable. When we learned about from Karung’a village in Enziu sub location Mwingi East District, we had to step in.

Taking Legal Action against Child Abuse

Our son, a Class 6 student at Karunga Primary School was physically attacked by none other than the staff of his school starting with the head teacher who picked up from home claiming that he had stolen his class teacher’s cell phone. Rather than conducting a proper investigation into the theft, the teachers descended on him caning and scarring him badly. When he escaped and ran out of school, they chased after him and mobilized the support of the community, which further attacked him. We thank God that Chief Musyoka of Enziu Location stepped in before he was killed.

When we were informed about the situation which was reported to police, we immediately took him to Mwingi Hospital for examination and treatment and reported the case to District Children Officer, Mr. Kyalo. We filed a case to make sure that those who mistreated the boy have been brought to book and as a result, three teachers and three community members were arrested and taken to court.

We are happy to report that they have made several appearances, the latest being 20/2/15 and the verdict to be delivered on 19/3/15. At Twana Twitu, we fight for the defenseless and fight for justice. Please join hands with us in our crusade against child abuse.

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