As we send off new kids to college, we get a most heartwarming ‘thank you!’

I am Alex Kasina Mumbi from Mwingi South Constituency, aged 23 years. When I lost my parents, I was left under care of my grandmother and later, an illness rendered her bed ridden.

As a school dropout, all I thought left was to pave a way for my fate and destiny to take cause. Later a looming light seemed appearing at the end of the tunnel when I was introduced to Twana Twitu and enrolled to their program as one of their OVC.

Everything in my life immediately changed turning to perfection and restoration. I suddenly found myself celebrating my birthday every year. The parental care and guidance offered made me feel secure since I now felt that I had an immediate and caring family. Twana Twitu chose to hold my hand because they were so compassionate, and I was a vulnerable orphan living in a marginalized land prone to hardship.

With Twana Twitu, I got the support I needed for my well being. This has given me a lot of courage, enough to attend and thrive at school since I had people to discuss my fears and aspirations with. I have also felt wanted, loved and cared in the midst of my colleagues in the organization.

Twana Twitu support has been of very great help to me. For instance, the teachings they offered the OVCs’ fostered a sense of belonging, gave moral support and helped learning of good ethics. All I am today is a reflection of the organizations grassroots consent and really owe all the success I have attained. Their support has propelled my learning since it has enabled me to join university where I am currently a fourth year student pursuing my first degree in Bsc. Computer Science. I have dreams of become a computer programmer, also developing computer software. Beyond that I wish to work for the nation and contribute to its development. I would like to encourage all others who are vulnerable like to me seize opportunities that might come their way with gusto. Exploit them, better yourselves…and then give back.

May God bless Twana Twitu and all those that support it.

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