Welcome to Twana Twitu

Twana Twitu is a Not-for-Profit, tax-exempt organization whose mission is to provide support, quality care and empowerment to Orphaned and Vulnerable Children (OVC) in Kenya.  We focus wholly on the rural child and foremost on those affected by or infected with HIV/AIDS.

When translated from the Bantu language, Kikamba, “Twana Twitu” means “Our Children.” In our devotion to the marginalized child, we advocate for and defend children’s rights, aggressively pursuing the love, compassion and self-enabling opportunities that all children deserve but which are only availed when the world cares.

Do you care?

The world’s children – the poor children – are twana twitu…our collective responsibility.

Their plight is our cause; their tears, our drive.

Please join us in empowering OVC with educational, nutritional, medical and psychosocial support as well income generating activities.

Welcome to Twana Twitu!

Twana Twitu is non-partisan and not aligned with any political, religious or tribal organization.

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