Christmas for Children Gala: Twana Twitu teams up with Churchill to celebrate Christmas, children and Kenyan superwomen Caroline Mutoko and Jane Wathome!

Don’t you just love this time of year? With Christmas we are reminded about the blessings we have and the many reasons we should celebrate, gather and enjoy the best gift of the holidays: each other. That’s why we’re hosting our first ever Christmas extravaganza for dinner and dancing!

Themed Christmas for Children, our gala will celebrate our ten years of service and the thousands we’ve touched over the years. It will also toast the lives of two very special, VERY inspirational women: Caroline Mutoko, mother, advocate and “Queen of Kenya radio” and Jane Wathome, Founder and visionary of Beacon of Hope. Our glasses are lifted…is yours?

Your ticket to this fabulous evening is available here.

For that past decade, Twana Twitu has quietly transformed lives in Kitui County. With a focus on children orphaned by AIDS, we have leveled the playing ground between the marginalized child and the rest of society. Making provisions that include access to education, healthcare, nutrition and poverty reducing income-generating activities, we have saved lives, educated more and, with a current reach of 1,088 vulnerable children, empowered several communities. Our work – like that of our honorees – is a testament to our collective ability to uplift humanity. We are doing it…and so can you.

By joining us on Thursday, December 15th, you will not only be allowing yourself an enchanting evening of entertainment but also the opportunity to support the programs that provide a lifeline to our society’s neediest – the children: Our children: Twana Twitu.

Please purchase your tickets now and celebrate our heroines while bringing Christmas cheer to the less fortunate. Show our children you care. Remind them that their elderly custodians are not alone and if unable to attend, support them through a gift that will anchor our programs and keep them healthy and thriving. From donating to a collective pool to specifically sponsoring a raintank that ensures clean drinking water to HIV-positive orphans, you can bless an orphaned child this Christmas.

Our dancing shoes are on and our doors open. See you on the 15th!!!
Venue: Nairobi Serena Hotel
Time: 7:00pm – 12:00am
Ticket Price: Kshs. 5,000/-. Available on website or via M-Pesa 0700-100-620

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