Thanks to Training, Three More of Our Youth Secure Employment

What defines success to you? Wealth? Fame? Or the ability to pick oneself up when faced with adversity?

At Twana Twitu we are constantly being faced with challenges that require head-on, hands-on solutions. We battle HIV in the infected by ensuring that all our affected children are well fed, monitored and provided with the necessary medical support they need. We fight poverty by availing opportunities that enable individuals to learn…so they can earn. At Twana Twitu we believe that when one door closes another opens up. And such was the case with our children, Muli Mbunga, Kyalo Sammy and Syomiti Mbinzi now 22, 24 and 23 years, respectively, in 2008.

The three had gone through primary and secondary school under the custody of Twana Twitu completing the latter with poor grades. Muli scored C, Kyalo C- and Syomiti C+ effectively sealing off university education much to the heartbreak of their very needy and aged grandmothers. Without further help, they would likely be doomed to a life of further poverty.

And so Twana Twitu did what we do best: step in.

We embarked on a mission to get the three placed at the National Youth Service where, after acceptance, they trained for a period of 8 months and walked away with transformed lives. NYS allowed them to venture beyond the confines of Migwani that they were used to, socially connect with people from different cultures, gain technical skills and, most importantly, gain working experience by volunteering in government projects.

Today, Muli, Kyalo and Syomiti are leading successful, gainfully employed lives in various parts of the country. Muli was posted to the Kenya Armed Forces Kahawa Baracks, Kyalo became a Prison Warder at the Ruiru Prisons while Syomiti is currently at the Western Turbo NYS.

Twana Twitu is proud of these three, their progress and the success our efforts have achieved.

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