From Farm to Table: Our Medley’s Delicious!

Here’s a tongue twister for you, “Twana Twitu’s tomatoes tantilize tables!” Say it five times – error free – and we’ll send you a Twana Twitu sticker for your car, computer or favourite gadget. That’s how excited we are about the progress our farm is making. If we ever we’ve been believers in the value of hard work, it is now because in just the few months that we’ve focused on our farm, we have registered great gains. Part of our Income Inc Project, our shamba is literally sowing seeds of hope.

As everyone knows, the Mwingi region we serve, is one of Kenya’s driest, most drought prone and famine stricken areas. While its residents try their level best to cope, they often find themselves embracing strategies that only fuel the problem. Land and water resources are poorly managed leading to degradation, deforestation and of course, the ultimate depletion of resources.

In our brief experience with water harvesting we have quickly learned that when combined with modern technologies, water harvesting can quite easily open up channels for food production, income generation and community capacity building.

Check out our cilantro, kale, spinach, green peppers and the pride of our pack…the Twana Twitu Tomato by clicking here.

We are currently supplying local Migwani traders with our produce and have high hopes that we will soon be able to supply the academic and health institutions in Migwani and Mwingi towns. If you would like to support this project in any way, kindly reach out to us.

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