We caroled and celebrated Christmas. Wish you’d been there!


At Twana Twitu, we love Christmas! We celebrate it each year and with our children living for it, commit to making it that special moment that erases all woes. This year, our party began as it always does; with fun, games, food, day-long excitement, and of course, non-stop action! As is typical, our families arrived early having streamed in from the nearby villages that Twana Twitu has served for the past nine years. With some as young as two, there was joy and a LOT of love being spread around.

Our parties are always owned and organized by our wonderful committee of orphan custodians. With them at the wheel, we rest at ease knowing that our little ones are in great hands. This year, Mr. Malata, our standing Committee Chair ensured the bull was purchased the day prior. Mrs. Rose Kimanzi and the dedicated grandmothers organized the firewood collection, chapati kneading and the overall cooking of the sumptuous meal to be served. Our staff and small volunteer group, led by Patrick Wamukulu coordinated the day making sure that all logistics were in place. Food, check. Band, check. VIP guests (our orphans), check. And then the moment arrived…

“Niwite mwiyo! (I’m so happy!)”, squealed Maimba as the party kicked off, “Suo ningusinda (I’m going to win today!)”; he added prompting a challenge from nearby Masai. “Nuvungu (No way!), Ninye (it will be me!)” Our dance contest or “The Stomp” as we now call it, has over the years transformed the Christmas party into a dust-raising fiesta. Categorized by ages, our competitors – – both orphans and custodians – – get down and do their best jig while their judges (fellow OVC) line the sidelines cheering or jeering them in an Apollo-like “be good or be gone!” style. This year it was great…and especially charged. “Aende (let him go!)” some screamed. “Akae (let him stay!)” other countered. The final winners, 11 in all, took home a small package; a monetary token with which they could buy themselves some food or in a rare moment, a little treat. Congratulations to our winners!

At Twana Twitu, we are grateful for the wonderful time we had and most of all for the reminder that though we’re surrounded by pain and hardships, we have a reason to be grateful. As we recited poems and enjoyed music from Kayamba Afrika band, we remembered the threat of HIV/AIDS and the lifeline that we have; as we feasted on pilau, meat stew, chapatis, cabbage and the local favourite, nzuu (pigeon peas), we gave thanks for the friends that annually allow us to celebrate Christmas through donations of time and resources. We also thank the Greater Migwani CBO Network, our Chief David Mbosyo and friend Louis Otieno for their presence and wonderful speeches.

As we invite you, our guest to support our Twana Twitu family, we’d like to invite you to view some of the pictures taken on this special day. You are guaranteed beautiful faces with enthusiasm and gusto. Happy Holidays to you!

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